About Us

Metrix Premium Chassis Parts

Metrix Premium has become a leading manufacturer and exporter of suspension and steering parts for the automotive aftermarket industry since 2016. Focusing our attention on passenger vehicles and light weight commercial vehicles for the European, Asian and American market, we provide a wide range of Steering, Suspension, and Brake parts in all makes and models. We have made with large scale capital investments in our capacity and capability with our advanced manufacturing techniques. With a dedicated team of experts and a proven production experience, we take pride in providing first class service and best-in-class automotive parts. Our applications enabled us to provide fast and flexible service, shorter lead time, and competitive pricing making Metrix Premium your reliable long term partner.


We serve the technicians and DIY enthusiasts by providing superior quality parts directly from the factory at best prices with exceptional customer experience.


We will transform the shopping experience for the automotive aftermarket industry with premium products designed and engineered for innovative solutions.